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Customer Communications Management
  Customer Communications Management for superior customer experience and building trusting relationships. In this campaign management system the application allows the design, creation and management of marketing campaign projects, resulting in lead identification and qualification. As per Don Peppers, partner with Peppers & Rodgers Group says, 'CRM is a powerful weapon in the battle to satisfy current customers and win new ones. Nothing affects consumer loyalty, or the propensity to consolidate accounts, as much as relationship-building activities. Implementing effective CRM strategies has a distinct and quantifiable effect on an institution's customer satisfaction, customer retention, and likelihood of receiving future customer referrals.

Newsletter Customer Experience Management-Targeted Marketing

  On top of it, it costs only one tenth of the printed direct mailers. But here's the clincher: GartnerG2 has verified that e-mail campaigns are significantly less expensive to execute than traditional direct mail. Currently, average e-mail costs range from $5 to $7 per thousand, while direct mail costs range from $500 to $700 per thousand. It's the ideal solution-e-mail costs less and works faster than direct mail. E-mail marketing is particularly effective when used for customer retention, cross selling and up selling objectives. The email list is demographically defined on the basis of the target market customer profile and so ensures higher customer response. The newsletters have Opt-in and Opt out options as per permission mail rules and guidelines. This allows better receptivity and customers are favorably disposed.  
  Newsletter Newsletter Wizard -For professional messages  
  Permission email marketing impacts the brand perceptions of brands and products. The newsletters and mails are personalized as per the customer or audience profile. Mails can be created in HTML layouts and any type of attachment files also made. Web bugs are created to track the customer responses. This feature allows the user to create professional messages that allows for the customer to have a better experience. The newsletter fulfills their hunger for information and allows the user to get future business from existing customers.  
  Newsletter Reports  
  NewsletterOrganizer allows web-based reporting with real time monitoring, channel analyzes, response reporting, and campaign measurement. The newsletter has web bugs that allow the user to track the customer and his habits and also understand his preferences. These reports assist him in product development and marketing. User can view campaign wise open rates, view open rates by basis of individual subscribers.  
  Newsletter Communications feedback, building customer loyalty  
  As per Juniper Communications email marketing is the most cost-effective online marketing tool, with a 5% to 15% client response rate. One of the best aspects of e-mail marketing, compared to traditional marketing tactics, is how quickly it can reach your customer and make the sale. This has been dramatically illustrated by GartnerG2 research. It takes four to six weeks to complete a direct mail campaign versus seven to ten business days for an e-mail campaign. Responses to direct mail take an average of three to six weeks, while responses to e-mail take an average of three days. The entire cycle of the e-mail campaign from creation to delivery and response is one tenth the time of traditional direct mail (findings of GartnerG2).With feedback the target list can be distilled further and success rate improved. More targeted messages and products developed.  
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