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  In this new millennium, every business big or small would like to improve its customer relationship for higher revenues. As per Steve Diorio in Beyond e 'The top three changes the Internet has had on business communications are:
  1. Shorter cycle times
  2. The need for better targeting
  3. The need for more online communications.
Since new customer generation has become more expensive, thus the existing customer has become the focus of attention as he brings in assured future business .So, they focus on a tool to offer superior customer experience. This is where NewsletterOrganizer, a web hosted newsletter and email management applications with its own unique features offers muscle to the insurance industry's marketing efforts.

NewsletterOrganizer the hosted email marketing and newsletter applications delivers a focused and customized solution by bringing data driven applications to eNewsletter and email marketing for businesses and work groups. A hosted newsletter management system provides easy newsletter management for marketing. Create multiple newsletters -text and HTML, manage subscribers, and broadcast emails at your convenience. Manage subscribers, email lists, templates, and email content easily with the NewsletterOrganizer.

The NewsletterOrganizer is a campaign management application that automates the marketing campaigns .They present offers to targeted leads, prospects, and customers on demand, on a schedule, or in response to business events by direct mail, email, contact center, field sales and web touch points. Ideally the application should be able to record responses to offers. It has been designed so it works the way you do ----providing functionality and features like gathering contacts, building a mailing list, designing communication with a wizard, sending the newsletters and mailers with a mailing engine and analyzing the campaign through a reporting.

See how the NewsletterOrganizer works. The communications cycle principle is at the core of the hosted email and newsletter marketing. To see how the NewsletterOrganizer works click here.
  The NewsletterOrganizer significantly improves the marketing automation and customer communications management in the life insurance business. It is a web enabled data driven application for multi user. It has the following functionalities:  
  Newsletter  Marketing Automation  
       Cost effective online marketing tool
  • Automated Messaging Solutions-Email List building
  • Campaign Execution and response management -Mailing engine
  • NewsletterOrganizer Console-all modules in one screen
  • Reports
  Newsletter  Customer Communications Management  
       Superior customer experience and building trusting relationships
  • Customer Experience Management-Targeted Marketing
  • Newsletter Wizard -For professional messages
  • Reports
  • Communications feedback, building customer loyalty
  Newsletter The NewsletterOrganizer Advantages  
  Insurance focus
BimSym has developed the product specifically for the small and medium (SMB) insurance industry businesses. It automates the marketing functions .SMBs are the motive force of growth in any industry segment so their performance is critical.

Presence in web services
BimSym has been working in the web-based areas of the internet services business for the past six years.

Ready to use
Being browser enabled the application is instantaneously on and can be immediately used.

Systems & Support
Once the NewsletterOrganizer is permitted, BimSym offers a 99.97% uptime. A service level agreement guarantees a 99.9% uptime.
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